Ivory Residences Condominium

Ivory Residences Condominium is 18-storey residential condominium development. It features distinctively appointed homes with fully equipped and lavish amenities. This units are designed for owners who have a sophisticated eye for style and detail. The newest premiere condominium stands in the heart of Davao City beside Obsidian Suites.

Ivory Residences Condominium offers the perfect combination of spacious boutique living and peaceful privacy. All within reach of your favorite shopping destination in the city. Experience the Good Life in the Heart of the City.

Ivory Residences will be just steps away from the major shopping complex. Giving you convenient access to all the shops, restaurant, cafes, entertainment, and recreation that the area has to offer. This sleek tower will feature a limited number of private homes with some of the most spacious floor plans in Davao City. As one of a small number of owners, you’ll be part of a very exclusive group. You’ll understand firsthand what ‘limited edition’ truly means, that special feeling of experiencing something rare, unique and beautiful.


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